Art includes many segments like painting and sketching, some use sprays for showcasing their art, it doesn’t need more of handwork, all you need a fixed image in your mind and some paper works like the design or shapes should be ready with you so that it would be useful at the time of making some shapes in your artwork. Painting is the most prefered these days and it manifests and exhibits the true picture with some eloquent way of expressing the theme with art.

 There is something more exquisite about painters, they paint on different surfaces and lastly they come out with flying colors and representing it as a useful material. Artists make house look beautiful filled with shiny radiant colors with lost of paintings on the walls and hangings here and there. Painting can be painted on any surface if you are sure and if it perceives you the right picture and outcome.

 Painting is done using many colors and forms. Some painters use only hand to paint some use the mixture of paint and sand which gives a different and a true outlook, which magnifies the picture as well. Few of the kinds of paintings are acrylic paintings, watercolors, oil paintings, pastel etc. Tracing paper is also one of the most important part for the painters, but very few know it’s usage and importance. It’s diaphanous and so delicate but it gives the crystal clear and translucent images in the end. It beautifies your image and gives the error free image.

 Art is something which could describe how the world looks and it includes all the memories and emotions in the picture. It depicts the true outfit of what it sees. Art illuminates the inner world and feelings of a person and make it feel real when you touch after its finishing. One could understand the beauty of the world, culture and many more. It communicates the world in just one picture. The picture of the globe is just enough to say that we all are one and includes in the same picture.

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